System that plays tones to remind you of missed calls

Reminder is an application that plays a tone to remind you of missed calls, voice mails and unread SMS messages. For each missed event, "Reminder" can play a different tone. The program also has the ability to set a delay before the first tone and a time interval until the next reminder tone. The program is particularly useful for people with impaired vision.

Reminder works by recognizing the status indicators that show on the screen for each missed event. For that reason, it is important that other applications not be set to occupy the entire screen -- "Reminder" needs the screen status indicators to work properly. It is also important that any screen saver be set to become active after the interval used by "Reminder." For example, if the screen saver starts after 5 minutes of user inactivity, then the interval for Reminder must be less than 5 minutes.



Reminder 1.18